We are offering drop-in appointments across most developments; however, should you wish to have dedicated time with our sales advisor, we encourage you to book ahead. Click here for further details.

House to Home

House to Home shows how your beautiful Ashberry home comes to life in an exclusive tour

The House to Home journey

Have you ever wondered what goes into building your dream Ashberry home? The House to Home experience is the perfect chance to discover exactly what processes shape the build, with experts on hand to give insights and advice as you tour the property.

Peek behind the curtain and find out everything about the craftsmanship Ashberry puts into your home, from the materials used and placement of fixtures, to our contemporary construction methods and sustainable practices.

Our House to Home plots showcase the entire build process, from the pre-plaster stage right through to the stunning end result.

Understanding a House to Home plot

The purpose of every House to Home plot is to demonstrate the build process stages, with the house split into sections to represent the ‘first fix’, ‘second fix’, and final completion phases.

This will give you a better understanding of your new home, and the expertise that went into building it, plus you’ll also gain valuable insights into how to best care for your home once you move in. Your expert tour guide will talk you through the exposed walls and ceilings, with visible wiring and plumbing on display, highlighting the care needed when making permanent changes and adding personality to your home.

Keep your eyes peeled for signs dotted around the property as you take your tour, identifying different build stages, the materials used, our sustainable construction practices, and some enlightening facts!

What you'll see during the tour

See a snippet of the House to Home experience in this video, taken at Whitehouse Park, Northern Home Counties.

Watch the video

House to Home FAQs

How can I book a House to Home tour?

Simply speak to your sales advisor to find out more about House to Home availability in your location.

Who will show me around the home during my visit?

Your House to Home tour will be guided by a member of the Ashberry team who will give you valuable insight into our sustainable construction techniques, and expert advice about how to care for your new home.

When can I book a House to Home tour?

The timing of your House to Home tour may vary, depending on the location of your development and the availability of the Ashberry team. Speak with the sales advisor at your chosen development to find out more.

What if I’m buying a different house type?

House to Home tours are designed to mimic the build stages of every one of our homes, so it doesn’t matter if the plot isn’t the same as the home you’ve reserved with us. You’ll still get the same valuable insight and insider knowledge from our award-winning site manager during the tour.

What if I haven’t reserved a home yet?

Places for the House to Home experience are extremely limited, and, in most cases, reserved for customers who are already in the process of purchasing a home with us. On occasion, you may be able to attend an exclusive House to Home tour before placing a reservation – speak with the sales advisor at your chosen development to find out more.

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